-Many obstacles come while doing good things.
-Srila Gurudev appreciating the devotees.
-Always be enthusiastic in doing bhajan sadhan.
-Give up bad association always.
-Sadhu sanga means to listen to Hari Katha.
-Always eat Mahaprasad & follow 4 principles.
-Always be fixed on Guru & Krishna. Eg:Skylark bird.
-All our aim & object is how to please guru & Krishna.
-Krishna & Krishna Nama is an ocean. He is the embodiment of compassion.
-Hari Katha is Brihad Mridangam. Human life only for bhajan.
-First learn good behaviour of Vaishnava. Respect senior vaishnava.
-One who chants HolyNames, give respect to him.
-Give obeisances to one who has received diksha.
-Serve Vaishnava who is expert in bhajan sadhan & how to receive his mood in heart.
-Always associate with those who never criticize vaishnava.
-Lust , anger , greed etc comes from asat sanga.
-Lila of Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswatipad not eating mango.
-All your endeavours are how to please Guru & Krishna.

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