-Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
-Essence of human life is to do bhajan sadhan.
-Bonafide sadhu is best friend & leads you how to attain goal.
-Pray to Krishna & Krishna will inspire in your heart.
-No of qualities Krishna, RamaChandra & Narayana has.
The special 4 qualities of Krishna.
-Krishna is Supreme Nayaka.
-96 types of Nayakas & calculation for it.
-Krishna performed sweet lila pathi & upavathi bhava.
-About Anukul, Sat,Dakshin & Drishta.
-About Dhira shanta,Dhira udata,Dhira Uddhata,Dhira Lalitha & examples.
-Lila of Krishna warning Arjuna not to fight with Bhim after he killed Dussasahana & challenged for fight with anyone.
-Qualities of Dhira Lalitha Nayak Krishna.
-Krishna being controlled by Srimati Radhika.
-Nayika 360 types & calculation for it.
-About 3 types of Nayika Madya , Mughdha , Praglabha.
-Srila Visvanath Chakravarthypad Ujjavala Kirankan book.
-Jivera Swaroop Hoye Krishna Nitya dasa.You have to develop more.
-Once you come to Mahaprabhu’s school your name willn’t be removed.

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