-Vrajavasis have spontaneous love for Krishna. They never forget Him
-Vrajavasis are called ragatmika-janas
-Krishna’s appearance from Devaki is amsa whereas a birth from Yashoda’s womb is purna
-Why has God left a transcendental world full of bliss and descended into the material world?
-Primary reasons of Bhagavan coming into this world
-Anugrahaya bhaktanam (SB 10.36.39)
-Krishna-katha is a nectar attractive to all except butchers
-Samanjasa-rati (the love of Sri Krishna’s queens) and samartha-rati (the love of the gopis)
-Vrindavan is the center of the lotus flower
-Nivaranata, vamyata, prachhanna kamakhata, durlabhata
-Vedic marriage is not a game
-Examples of chaste Vedic women: Brahmani, Shivani, Indrani, Anusuya, etc
-Prema of Srimati Radhika is the highest
-Secondary reasons of Bhagavan coming into this world
-Krishna comes here to free the Earth from its burden and protect it from ungodly people
-Krishna comes here to fulfil His promise to become the lover of Ayodhya women captivated by Lord Ramacandra’s beauty
-Rama and Lakshman are defeated by Lav and Kush
-Do not ask brahmacharis about their parents, ask them about their Guru
-Krishna comes here to fulfill the desire of Ratnavali to breastfeed Him and then kill Him
-Curse of Utkach by Lomaharshana Rishi, curse of Nalakuvera and Manigiriva by Narada Muni, curse of Jaya and Vijaya are other secondary reasons
-The cows wanted Krishna to drink not only Yashoda’s mother’s milk, but also their milk, and then Krishna inspired Brahma in his heart to steal the cows and calves

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