-Always be enthusiastic in bhakti & reason for lack of it.
-Narada Vyasa Samvad
-Serve Vaishnava. Srila Rupa Goswami with Kanja Krishna das.
-Mahaprabhu told serve Vaishnavas & Chant holy Names.
-Without the mercy of Navadvipa dham Vrindavan dham willn’t give you mercy.
-In Kali yuga only SaciNandana Gaura Hari will give mercy & destroy offenses.
-How merciful is Gaura Nitai & Their names.
-Why Krishna descended from Goloka Vrindavan to this world full of distress?
-Krishna’s family count in Dwaraka & about Krishna’s queens.
-Lord performs lokavattu lila.
-Only Krishna Katha will protect you.
-Srila Raghunatha das goswami about mundane talk.
-About the qualities in Krishna , Narayana & Ramachander & 4 special qualities in Krishna.
-Even Krishna’s incarnation also got attracted to Him.
-Listen Krishna Katha & heart will be melted.

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