-Lord Chaitanya predicted that His Holy Name will be preached all over the world.
-Sadhu sanga , Nama sankirtan , Mathura Nivas , Vigraha aradhana , Bhagavatha Sravanam – 5 main things needed for bhakti.
-Chant HolyNames along with sadhus & anrthas goes away.
-How 12 cantos in Bhagavatam represent 12 limbs of Krishna.
-Krishna’s topmost lila is rasa lila.Krishna’s topmost lila is rasa lila.
-Hear rasa lila katha.
-Krishna is one but has 3 aspects Brahma , Paramatma & Bhagavan.
-Millions of Universe & sun getting light from Krishna’s body.
-About Brahma , Paramatma , Bhagavan in detail.
-About the 6 opulences of Bhagavan.
-Lord Ramachander with Laxman regarding justice to be given to dog who was beaten by poojari.
-As per Archan Dipika/Hari Bhakti Vilasa sastras dogs, cats aren’t allowed in temples.
-Human beings can discriminate & can do bhajan sadhan.
-Krishna is the owner , controller.Cid jagat, jiva jagat,mayik jagat.
We are always servants of Krishna.
-Krishna lila is sweet Nara lila unlike other avatars.
-Krishna takes birth from the womb of Yashoda Mayya as like ordinary human being.
-His sweet lila of stealing butter & doing other mischief in gopis house & Gopis complaining to Yashoda Mayya.
-Yashoda Mayya fainting away as Krishna says He will return back after cow herding


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