-Baladev tattva is akhanda guru tattva & difficult to understand.
-One can understand when Krishna & Guru pada padma manifests in the heart.
-Krishna Himself said that acharya is non different from Him.
-Conversation between Krishna & Uddhava on whether Krishna is Bhagavan with no faults.
-Meaning of acharya. uru is asraya Bhagavan & Krishna is visaya Bhagavan.
-Guru’s activities in siddha & sadhaka forms.
-Guru is the embodiment of seva vrutti.
-When you realise your own transcendental form then you can recognise guru.
-How do you know someone is a mukta purusa? Imp of Jaiva Dharma.
-Examples of lilas of Srila Bhakti Prejnana Keshava Goswami Maharaj , Yashoda Mayya that everything belongs to Krishna for His service.
-Lila of Srila Sanatana Goswami with Mahaprabhu w.r.t destroying his body.
-Atma Nivedhan : Offer yourself to guru & Krishna.
-First stage of bhakti is saranagati(surrender).
-One who completely surrenders to Krishna , Krishna will listen to their prayer.
-Def of Sraddha. 2 Types of Bhajan: Steady & Unsteady.
-6 Types of Unsteady Bhajan.
-Nishta means one pointedness. Do or die. This life I will serve guru & krishna. Eg:Hari das Thakur.
-Never give up guru & Hari Nama. Chant Gayatri mantra.
-Ruci means eagerness to listen to Hari Katha.
-Imp of Hari Katha & sadhu sanga benefits(even with gramya katha. Eg:Santana Goswami with vrajavasis).
-Your endeavours & guru’s mercy.Cry for Krishna & guru pada padma.
-Those having sambandha jnana only will cry for guru

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