-We aren’t this body but soul wandering in a repeated cycle of birth & death.
-By sadhu sanga we attain Lord & never return back.
-Story of king & his men searching for lost necklace of princess & mistaking its
reflection as real to signify how this material world is a perverted reflection.
-By the causeless mercy of the Lord with transcendental vision one can understand the transcendental world.
-If you chant holy names automatically realisations come.
-Lord is non different from His Name.
-In Kali yuga Lord invested all His potencies in Hari Naam.
-BhaktiYoga is topmost.Bhakti means Love/Prema. Yoga means to connect.
-Without Love you cannot attain Lord.
-Transcendental love is the spontaneous nature of the soul.
-All jivas are servants of Krishna.
-How to realise our spontaneous nature?
-How to cross the ocean of the material world?
-Chant Holy names & your life will be successful.

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