-Life is successful with the momentary association of sadhu.
-Prescribed methods in other yugas to attain perfection & attain Bhagavan.
-Why Nama Sankirtan is prescribed in Kali yuga?
-All potencies of Lord are invested in the holy name.
-Holy Names are higher than Sri Hari.
-No rules & regulations for chanting the holy names. How important is proper pronunciation in uttering mantras in fire sacrifices.
-Devaki Vasudev performing fire sacrifice for the auspiciousness of Krishna Balarama.
-Vasudeva stopped fire sacrifice without giving poorna ahuti & Krishna’s reason for it.
-If a pure devotee comes, don’t compare it with any kind of pious activity.
-One spec of foot dust of a pure devotee is very powerful.
-Sadhu sanga means Hari Katha should be listened to from sadhu.
-First worship guru & then Krishna.
-Agastya rishi cursing Indradyumna Maharaj & Gajendra Moksha Lila.
-Without listening Hari katha you can’t recognise a sadhu.
-Kapila Deva told Devahuti to listen Hari katha from exalted Vaishnava.
-Sadhana bhakti,Bhava bhakti & then Prema bhakti
-Hari Katha means Hari only entering into the heart thru ears.
-Krishna’s pastimes are sweet nectar & if one drinks one becomes immortal.
-Story of king buying 3 dolls of same size with different prices to tell about listening.
-Listen Hari Katha then remember & practise.
-Story of Gokarna’s Hari katha delivering Dundhukari but not all the audience
-Story of a gurudev asking disciple to bring glass of water to signify listening.
-Serve Krishna under the guidance of Vrajavasis

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