-Krishna’s birth, activities are transcendental & so are His pure devotees & can be known only by their causeless mercy.
-Krishna’s all qualifications manifest in the heart of a pure devotee.
-To bestow Mercy on baddha jivas Krishna descends along with His nitya parikars & performs sweet lila & returns back.
-6 Gosvamis serving Radha Krishna in sadhaka form & siddha form.
-2 types of Upasana. Sarasika upasana & mantramayi upasana.
-Srila Tirtha Maharaj absorbed in serving Radha Krishna glorifying Radha tattva, Brahmara Gita.
-Prema & its 2 sides Viraha & Milan.
-Mahaprabhu taught how to chant holy names in separation.
-What is real sadhu sanga & What happens to the heart if it is clean?
-If the heart isn’t clean how sadhu sanga helps & finally makes one attain prema.
-Sadhana bhakti,Bhava bhakti,Prema bhakti & 2 main characteristics in each of them.
-In Prema dasa Krishna chases after devotees.
-3 main things needed to enter into Shyama/Shringara rasa.
1.Be one pointed with Srimati Radhika. 2.Stay in Vraja 3.Associate with high class rasik Vaishnava.
-By doing Bhajan ssadhan we will forget this gross & subtle body & attain atma sarira.
-Some devotees directly go to Goloka Vrindavan with a transcendental body.
Eg:Narada Rishi.
-Saubhari Rishi’s story of committing offense at Garuda’s lotus feet & becoming lusty & marrying the daughters of Mandhata (Mandata).
-With siddha deha one can serve ishta deva.
-4 types of milana & viraha. Viraha means special meeting.


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