-Mukha and gauna names of Bhagavan
-Madhurya-yukta names and aishvarya-yukta names
-Differences between God and living entities
-Krishna is the light and maya is darkness. She is far from Krishna
-Jivas are sevakas and Krishna is sevya, the Supreme Enjoyer
-Nondifferences between God and living entities: sat-cid-ananda
-The meaning of Rasa Bihari name and Govinda name
-Indra gave the name Govinda to Krishna after Govardhana-dharana-lila
-Madhurya meaning of Atmarama and Narayana names
-On using of perfumes by devotees
-Joke about a baby and his mother whose make-up had been washed away by the rain
-Bhagavan does not look at people’s faults. He sent Putana to Goloka to be a maidservant of mother Yashoda
-Krishna gave mercy to Putana because she was a descendant of Prahlada Maharaj
-Shiva receives Lord Narayana’s prasad from under Narada Rishi’s fingernails and starts an ecstatic dance
-When Krishna performs a lila, it is connected to other lilas

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