-My Gurudeva used to say, ‘When you hear hari-katha, you must hear hari-katha from the one who has three heads (hunchbacked person means old and thus experienced speaker
-Though India has different cultures but in spiritual realm we are bound by one rope
-Indradyumna Maharaja’s wife, Gundicha-devi, took a nose-ring from her nose (the symbol of matrimony) and threw it into the fire as purnahuti. This meant that she had taken Lord Jagannatha as her consort
-Bhagavan takes rest in the hearts of the devotees because they do not want anything from Him
-Why did Jagannatha-devа return to Jagannatha mandir in a chariot if the distance between this place and Gundicha mandir is short?
-How to reconcile the differences in the different shastras
-How Bhagavan gives His mercy to those non-hindi, who cannot approach Jagannatha temple
-In other sampradayas they simply give out packaged prasad, but in our sampradaya they may give three plates of freshly prepared prasad
-Don’t get involved in quarrels between husbands and wives
-Nindacali-stuti is when Vrajavasis criticize Vraja though in reality they glorify it
-Glories of Radha-kunda
-Vrindavana-Krishna never leaves Vrindavana
-Types of mana in transcendental world

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