-The gopis are more beautiful than Krishna, that’s why He is so eager to meet them
-The parents of the gopis forbid them to meet Him, thereby only increasing their desire
-Gurudev, ‘When I speak hari-katha, I am so absorbed that I notice nothing’
-In the material world, men are more eager to meet their beloved than women, because women disguise their feelings, but in the spiritual world it is the opposite: the gopis never find a place until they meet Krishna
-Yogamaya persuades Krishna and inspires Him in His heart to perform rasa-lila
-4 weapons of parakiya-rasa
-Talk between Kaikeyi and Ramachandra
-Gopis are intoxicated by their beauty
-Intimate meaning of ‘klim’ mantra
-Krishna, using the black stone (kashoti), determines which gopi is the most beautiful
-All the gopis are padmini


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