-Krishna got uddipan of gopis by looking at the Moon.
-What is Raaka Chandra Maa?
-Moon cools everything & Sun causes heat.
-Gopis viraha & desire to meet Krishna is like sun’s heat.
-Characteristics of materialistic mind,intelligence,ego, Chitta
& how desire goes in them.
-Krishna’s desire to meet gopis in Saradakaal night & description of that night with how nature acts according to Krishna’s desire.
-Bhagavan is only one & has inconceivable potencies.
-Advaitavadis accept Bhagavan but not His shakti.
-Desire to hear from a guru comes when we accept someone.
-We have to follow the instructions of diksha guru/shiksha guru.
-Types of disciples & sat sishya will know gurus desire & do activities.
-Bhagavan means Vrajanandana Shyamasundar & everything present in full in Him.Krishna’s 4 special madhuryas.
-Refuting the theory of naturalists that nature came on its own.
-Vyasadev’s birth from matsya kanya & Parashara Muni.
-To whom does Bhagavan show His swaroop & in what way?
-Brihad Bhagavatmrta is the basis for all acharyas books.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu saying Srila Sanatana Goswami is destroying parakiya bhava & the reason for it.
-The more one is fallen, Bhagavan will show more Kripa on them.
-Guru will order his dear disciple only


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