• Sanatana Gosvami glorifies four Kumaras
  • On four Kumaras. Talk with Vrinda-devi
  • Grihastha ashram is not easy
  • Recollections of Gurudeva how he learned slokas and read sastras in Matha in his youth
  • Only by mercy of Rupa Gosvami can we get service to the Divine Couple Sri Radha and Krishna
  • Gurudev does not bring a disciple directly to Srimati Radhika, he brings to Rupa Manjari and Rupa Manjari brings to Srimati Radhika
  • Merciful palya-dasi kori Lalita-devi
  • Confidential description of manjari-seva
  • Story of an old cat who pretended to be a sadhu
  • Recollections of early years in the math


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