• Question: It is said that Srivas Thakur’s son went to a place auspicious for bhajan after his death. But what could be more auspicious than Mahaprabhu’s nama-sankirtana?
  • Question: Sometimes acaryas create some new conceptions. When is there such a need?
  • Question: When one’s guru is in nitya-lila, is it important to seek guidance from another guru?
  • Question: You told about atma-anubhuti (self-realisation). How to truly realise? What is the process?
  • Story “Guru is always with you”. Comparison with a man and his shadow
  • Question: If someone doesn’t want to chant a maha mantra but chants it through force, is that an offence?
  • Chant holy names as soon as you wake up before you bathe, because you do not know when death will come for you
  • Question: Gopis do sometimes remember that Krishna is Bhagavan?
  • Krishna built a bridge for the gopis with the help of monkeys

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