– As per tattva-vichara Vrajendra Nandana Sri Krishna is our ishtadev but as per rasa-vichara Srimati Radharani is our ishtadevi – Build a solid foundation of tattva-siddhanta to build on it the palace of rasa-siddhanta – All people are born shudras, because they are constantly lamenting – 3 births of man: 1) birth in body from father and mother – shaukra-janma; 2) initiation into brahmana – savitra-janma; 3) diksha with the instructions of a spiritual teacher – daiksha-janma – Vaishnavism is simplicity – Qualities of brahmana – Types of samadhi – Sit in meditation, ask yourself if you are body or mind, and if your heart is pure, from its depths the answer will come to you – On cares of housewives – If you have too much knowledge, your bhajan will be over – Listen to hari-katha from Gaura-janas, close associates of Mahaprabhu – If you don’t go to Navadvipa, your anarthas won’t go away – Glories of Navadvipa-dhama – Raurava naraka awaits for those who follow varnashrama-dharma but do not worship Krishna

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