– You must first determine your sadhya-vasta (goal) and then perform sadhana (practice). – Raganuga bhakti is ruchi-mula-bhakti. It starts from the level of ruchi – Bhava-mayi-sadhana, bhava-sambandhi, bhava-anukula, bhava-pratikula, bhava-viruddha, bhava-aviruddha – I have a cow that I bought for 60,000 rupees four years ago. She lives in Govardhan and gives 25 liters of milk a day. – On whether or not to keep cows. – Gopi groups (ganas): svapaksha, vipaksha, etc. – Read my book “Jewels of the Heart.” – 00.46.00.Gurudev used to extract sparks from stones as a child – The understanding of one’s swarupa comes after the anartha-nivritti stage – At the anartha-dashа stage one does not want to repeat the holy name – 2 obstacles to the manifestation of sambandha-jnana: bodily conception, jiva-brahma-aikya-jnana-vada – The story of the miser who performed deity worship in the mind

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