-Raya Ramananda started from varnashrama-dharma & spoke upto jiva’s eternal dharma. -Jiva tries for mukti after getting tired of getting happiness through dharma, artha, kama, moksha. Even moksha is insignificant & krishna-prema is our sadhya. -By sat-sanga one will know the tattva & then sambandha-jnana will arise which leads to seva-vritti. -One should give up thinking of any 5 kinds of mukti & make sadhya as krishna-prema which pleases Krishna. -In Gaudiya Vaishnavism sambandha, abhidheya, prayojana are eternal. Sadhaka, sadhana, sadya are also eternal -The eternal nature of jiva is to serve Krishna & please Krishna. Being etangled in maya he forgots it & his nature gets transformed just like a milk converted to curd. -In sambandha-jnana 2 things are there 1.Lord is my master & I’m his servant 2.Seva-vasana. -When jiva has a chance to serve Bhagavan or move towards maya, baddha-jiva gets attracted to maya & not to the beautiful form of Lord as he is minute & used his svatantra-shakti (independence potency) & also Bhagavan’s desire as well. -Maya has 2 tendencies 1.Avaranatmika-vritti 2.Vikshepatmika-vritti By Avaranatmika vritti Maya covers baddha-jiva with pancha-bhuta sharira (gross body) & then again covers it with packing of 3 modes. -Teachings of Ashtavakra Rishi to so called brahmavadis to see the atma & not the gross body in the assembly of Janaka Maharaj. -This body is like a cage & the atma is inside. -Vikshepatmika-vritti means to throw in the maya & makes to forget about Bhagavan. Maya gives dehatmika-buddhi that I’m a male, female. -By doing bhajana-sadhana the three gross body, subtle body (mind) & atma can be separated.

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