Part 1

– Importance of following the rules of the Vedas – If you have greed to taste mango, you cannot steal it in the market but have to collect money to buy it. If you have greed for your sublime goal, you cannot immediately jump into raga bhakti, but have to perform vaidhi-bhakti – Source of real happiness; nature of heart – Four qualities that prevent one from performing bhajan: being born into a noble family, beauty, wealth, knowledge – Nalakuvera and Manigriva – Special glory of vani-seva – Eagerness to serve depends on sambandha-jnana – Definitions of mukti – Why brahmana should make wedding ceremonies for men and women. What perfect wedding is – Search for happiness in this world is like a mountain digging but bhakti is all about happiness – The welfare of Krishna is available to the devotee in the same way that the servant living in the palace of a king has access to the delicacies of the king’s kitchen – If you stop serving Maya and start serving Krishna, your soul will receive liberation from the cage of the body. Awaken your soul by chanting holy names

Part 2

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