-In this material world everyone wants happiness in different ways. -Why jivas hanker for happiness? -Story of Kumbhakarna asking for nidra asana instead of indra asana from Lord Brahma. -This material world is dukhalayam as there is no perfect happiness. -Brahmananda is inferior to premananda. -Chant Holy Names to get a transcendental body & then go to transcendental world to get premananda. -Lord’s transcendental Holy Name is non different from the Lord. -Sikshatakam 1st sloka explanation. -In Kali Yuga only Harinama is the only means to attain perfection. -Lord invested all His potencies in His Holy Names. -The spontaneous nature of the soul is transcendental & to serve the Lord. Due to conditioned state we aren’t feeling it. -Journey of the soul in 8.4 billion species of life. -How to stop the cycle of birth & death? -One who attains Lord Krishna’s abode will never return back. -Brahma Samhitha 05.29 cintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vrksa sloka explanation.

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