– When the Vaishnavas praise you, you must accept that praise, but you must not become intoxicated by it- Jagadananda Pandita brings oil and cosy bed to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu but He rejects both- Question: Why was Putana, when she entered Vrindavan, so beautiful that even the Vrajavasis themselves were enchanted by her?- Don’t take long car trips so you don’t fall asleep while driving- A car accident involving Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaj- Continuation of the answer to the question about Putana- Nitya-lila, naimittika-lila- Srimati Radhika wants to imprison Krishna like a parrot in the cage of Her heart- Radha and Krishna go crazy if Тhey don’t see each other even for a moment- Rasa-lila is maha-cakravarti lila- Question: Is Gopishvara Mahadev standing alone at the gate guarding the rasa-lila or are there any gopis accompanying or guiding him?- Question: How to feel separation from Sri Guru?- If you have sambandha-jnana, you will never fall down- Devotees tell Gurudev about waterfalls in Brazil

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