– If mayavada philosophy will get into your heart it will never come out of it, and your heart will become as hard as a thunderbolt – A learned poet Bhagavan Acarya once came from Bangladesh to India and glorified Caitanya Mahaprabhu in his poetry. All the devotees were happy to listen to his glorification but Caitanya Maharaphu did not listen to him as Svarupa Damodara did not recommend his katha – All our guru-varga boldly cut apasampradaya philosophies – The one who chants the whole names and sticks to 4 principles is higher than samavedi-brahmana (SB 3.33.7) – Who are we? – nāhaṁ vipro na ca nara-patir… (CC Madhya 13.80) – The brahmanas left Advaita Acharya’s house in anger when he first gave prasada to Haridas Thakur – Don’t criticise the demigods, but don’t worship them either. Be one-pointed to Krishna and Caitanya Mahaprabhu – Do you put food in your eyes? No, you put it in your mouth. Worshiping the demigods is like putting food not in your mouth – The essence of Vaishnava philosophy is one-pointedness to Srimati Radhika – If you are one-pointed to Srimati Radhika, you will easily reach Krishna – First worship Navadvipa-dhama, then you will approach Vrindavana-dhama – Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya: The glories of Navadvipa-dhama

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