– Lila of Ramachandra having to reject Laksman – If you are alive, you need to preach and spread the Mahaprabhu’s message; – Traveling to preach in spite of the pandemic situation; – Srila Narayana told that 3 things should never stop (preaching, publishing books and parikrama, 3 “ps”); – If there are complaints, it means that your preaching is successful (you cannot please everybody); – Importance of pranipata, pariprasna and seva (surrender, ask questions and service); – The nature of the jiva is to serve Lord (seva vrtti); – What is vapu seva and vani seva (serve physically Gurudeva and spread the Guru’s message); – Harikatha is more powerful than an atomic bomb; – Listening to harikatha is a service to Lord; – Mahaprabhu asked Haridas Thakur how the trees and animals will be liberated from this material world (they will be, if they listen harikatha and harinama); – Lakshman is the example of a perfect sevaka (he is the best servant of Ramachandra); – We need to pay attention to the harikatha (don’t use your mobile during harikatha). Those who are in the harikatha, but are not paying attention are very unfortunate. Krishna will be very please if you listen harikatha, because even He wants to listen about His pastimes; – Lakshmana during 14 years did not eat, not sleep nor did he see the face of any lady; – Story about when Kala went to the palace of Ramachandra and, because Lakshmana interrupted their conversation, Ramachandra had to kill Lakshman; – 5 instructions of Niti Sastra (don’t speak when angry, don’t promise something to your beloved that you can’t fulfill, don’t tell the source of your income and don’t marry the person you love); – Some people say that Krsna did not marry Srimati Radhika exactly because He loves Her; – 3 faces of the loved and beloved (moon, midday sun and vulcano); Before marriage, the couple treats each other very much differently than after marriage (getting married kills the love) – waiting for each other and promising to cook; – What Hanuman said to save Lakshmana (if you reject someone who loves you, this feels like death to him); – How Ramachandra ended His pastimes in this world after He had to reject Laksman (Hanuman stayed in the material world after Ramachandra had departed, just like Uddhava had to stay as well); – About the puspanjali to Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja in the Centennial Magazine.

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