– verse 8 Damodarastakam; – Krsna and the rope around His waist (the rope they tie to babies’ bellies in Bengal for protection); – Mother Yashoda sees Krsna’s universal form twice (eating the mud lila and yawning lila); – Some bondages bring happiness, others bring distress; – Krsna accepts being bound by His mother; – The “krsna krpa kataksa” song; – How Krsna performs rasa-lila if He appeared to establish varnashrama-dharma; – Rasa lila tattva: a kid playing with his own shadow; – Should we chant our japa and listen to harikatha at the same time?; – Fruits of hearing the rasa lila katha; – We should consider the audience before speaking confidential lilas such as the rasa lila; – Story of the old cat who became a “vegetarian”.

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