– The doubt of Garud (dispelled by Kaka Bhushundi), the pride of Garuda; – Why Shiva did not remove the doubt of Garuda; – The doubt that Kak Bhusand once had about Lord Rama as well; – the reason why Krsna feeds the crows and monkeys; – two offesnes comitted by Krsna (that Mother Yashoda wanted to punish him for); – Krsna jumped from the window to the main road; – Vrajvasis offering so many preparations to Giriraja; – does God really accept our offerings?; – How to proper serve the food to Guru and Krsna (grapes and rice example); – the ideal service to the Deity made by Raghava Pandit; – how hard it is to find a servant in Kali Yuga (if you tell the truth to them, they become angry and think that the guru is not bonafide); – the reason why Lord manifests in Kali Yuga as a silent Deity.

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