– Why mother Yashoda was running after Gopal?; – The duty of the parents is to discipline their children; – The beauty of Mother Yashoda, the purity of her clothes, and the beuatiful ornaments of flowers in her hair; – Why mother Yashoda caught Gopala from behind. – Krishna destroying the pride of the four-headed Brahma in Dvaraka, he was thinking he was the only Brahma; – To destroy the pride of their good-fortune (saubhagya-mada) and to pacify the mana (sulky mood) of Srimati Radhika, Krsna left the rasa-lila, actually forcefully “kidnapping” Srimati Radhika with Him; – Caution for seva aparaddha: our nails should never touch the water used for the Deity, hair should also not fall on things for the Deity nor bubbles should come in the water when we pour it for the Deity; – Glories of Krsna’s earrings (kissing His cheeks); – Krsna is Svayam Rupa (self-manifested origin of everything) and a fathomless ocean of rasa; – Krsna is everywhere but still He manifests as a human being form; – Glories of krsna katha; who wouldn’t want to hear it?

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