1:39 question (you said that kanishtha liberates 7 generations and madhyama 21 generations, which kind of liberation is this?), 3:42 question (is this sukriti?), 6:16 upakhyan upadesha (old lady which goes to sadhu for sleeping), 9:22 question (what happen with a person which one of his grandmother is devotee and the other is aparadhi?), 13:21 question (how to cut the association of one who has bad conception?), 14:16 question (but sometimes this conception remain even after leaving the association), 17:44 question (what is the difference of Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan), 35:28 question (what is the importance of knowing Rama’s pastimes and visiting this places?), 39:52 lila (Dandakaranya’s risis having the darshana of Ramachandra)


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