• The importance of vaidhi-bhakti for the novice devotees.
  • Question: What is the significance of applying tilaka, gopi chandana?
  • The material body is a temple of disease.
  • Tilaka in different sampradayas.
  • Ghosts do not come to those who follow the four principles and wear kanthimala, tulasi. If they come, it is only to get liberation through the pure devotees.
  • The places where ghosts usually come.
  • Srila Svami Maharaja’s sayings on Vrindavana and Radha-kunda.
  • Pure sadhus make Vrindavana out of every place where they are.
  • Metaphorical sayings on nishtha.
  • One should perceive things according to one’s adhikara.
  • Sita-devi keeps her life breathing thanks to rama-nama…
  • Dasharatha Maharaja’s curse when he accidentally killed Sravana Kumara thinking he was a deer.
  • On the tricks of monkeys.
  • Question: When we chant holy names, how do we keep the association of Guru and Vaishnavas in our minds?
  • Bhakti depends on sarala-vishvasa (simple faith).
  • Story of a boy who worshipped Thakuraji and Thakuraji ate his offerings.
  • The meaning of the word ‘alarnatha’ (alal – guru, natha – the Lord).
  • Do not criticise (a sieve and a needle; three monkeys).
  • When a Vaishnava closes his eyes, he is not sleeping, he is absorbed in krishna-lilas.
  • Lila of Mahaprabhu when He did not wake up in the morning and Govinda awakened Him.
  • On so-called Vrajavasis and Vaishnavas.
  • Question: What is the right way to do charity?
  • On astrology.




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