(katha beginning at 1:09:00)
-What the tongue is for
-Why we surrender to Bhagavat-bhakta
-Srimati Uma Didi personified ‘trnad api sunicena’ shloka
-Her childhood pastimes in high-class Vaisnava family
-Glories of Vaisnava-seva
-Her pastimes with Guruvarga.
-She mainly glorified her Gurupada-padma, guru-krpa and guru-bhakti
-Her exemplary sevas
-Guru and Vaisnavas are always with you. Realise this.
-Mercy and glories of Sri Navadvipa-dhama
-If you surrender to Sacinandana Gaurahari, Radha-dasyam will manifest
-Discussion of the calculation in ages for Mahaprabhu’s Appearance.
-Story of Srimati Radhika telling Krishna the dream of Mahaprabhu
-Story of sakhis asking, “How can Krishna take sannyasa?”
-Stories of offenses being cleared in Sri Navadvipa Dhama
-Everyone please come to Navadvipa Dhama and chant Gaura-nama
-Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja instructed all his disciples to go to Navadvipa Dhama Parikrama and Vrindavana Dhama Parikrama every year
-Everyone has to watch the Bhakti-Zoom Navadvipa Parikrama, even if they are on Parikrama. So many exalted speakers will be giving harikatha.


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