-Blessings to the Chinese devotees
-Enthusiastically serve Guru and Vaishnavas and your life will be successful
-Guru-shushrushaya bhaktya
-Vapu-seva and vani-seva
-We must please Guru, then Krishna will be pleased
-Always be one-pointed to Guru, and Guru will be very pleased
-Giri and Shankaracarya
-Vaishnava is Guru and Guru is Vaishnava
-Manahshiksha, Shikshashtaka and Upadeshamrita are the three granthas important in our spiritual life
-When problems come into your life, be patient
-If you remember the Six Gosvamis, all obstacles will come out of your heart
-Worship Thakuraji in your centre
-Always remember Radha, Krishna, and Caitanya Mahaprabhu and preach there
-Everyone please read Jewels of the Heart
-Translate Jewels of the Heart and Madhu-Smita Sri Radha into Chinese


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