• Glories or Nrisimha Chaturdashi
  • 4 brahmana sons of Brahma cursing Jaya and Vijaya
  • One should never create obstacles in the spiritual path of others – that’s aparadha.
  • Jaya and Vijaya did aparadha by stopping the consort of Lord Vishnu.
  • Anger and lust do not exist in Vaikuntha.
  • God wanted to taste the mood of victory
  • Desire potency of God makes everything happen
  • Fire sacrifice today is very auspicious and destroys defects of all astrological planets.
  • Difference between asuras and devatas
  • Jaya and Vijaya came as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu
  • Indra tricked Hiranyaksha into fighting Vishnu
  • Lord took Varaha incarnation to protect the earth
  • Hiranyakashipu wanted revenge from Vishnu for killing his brother Hiranyaksha
  • Prahlada learnt everything in mother’s womb
  • Prahlada learns from bull and monkey guru
  • Prahlada disappoints his father by chanting Vishnu’s name
  • Reason why Hiranyakashipu tried to kill Prahlada Maharaja
  • Bhajan not possible in old age
  • Intelligent person does bhajana in young age
  • Lila of the appearance of Nrisimhadeva
  • Lord Nrisimha’s anger pacified by Prahlada
  • One who is initiated with the vishnu-mantra, his 7 generations are automatically liberated.
  • Nrisimhadeva’s different names reflect His different moods.
  • God takes many incarnations.
  • Without understanding the katha of Prahlada and Dhruva, one cannot understand the moods of the gopis.
  • Past life katha of Prahlada Maharaja
  • Glories of observing fasting on Nrisimha Chaturdashi
  • Nrisimhadeva’s blessing on Prahlada for preaching
  • Glories of Nrisimha-Prahlada Katha
  • One life do kirtana of Prahlada-Drhuva katha again and again
  • In past life Prahlada got pampered by parents and he got spoiled
  • Parents leave wealth for the child to eat, but God is the provider of everything.
  • Earn, maintain yourself. Don’t depend on parents’ money.
  • If you have wealth or inherited money, put it all into guru-krishna-seva.

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