-Which is the heaviest thing in the universe.
-Ravana considers Shivaji as guru but never pays obeisances to Shivaji & lifts Kailash instead.
-Bali placing Ravana in his armpit.
-Bhakta-sanga is sadhu-sanga.
-Bhakta always should put faith in the words of the guru.
-Sabhari katha of staying in Mathanga Rishi’s ashram & on his order kept waiting for Lord Rama & Lakshmana to arrive at ashrama.
-Sabhari’s explanation as why she decorates ashrama with flowers
-Rama & Lakshmana are maryada-purushottama & So won’t eat remnants of anyone.
-Sakhas can give their remnants to Lord Krsna.
-Guru-nishta is the backbone of our bhajan-sadhana.
-The more one has nishtha towards guru one will advance in bhakti.
-Bhagavan’s lila of accepting shelter of guru on this earthly pastimes.
-One life keep nishtha on guru.


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