-Narada Rishi’s previous life history.
-Story of an old woman telling a man that he wont eat food at his father-in-law’s house.
-About gross body,subtle body & atma-sarira.
-About Gita-samsara & katha behind it.
-First 40 years do bhajan, mandir-seva & then guru-seva.
-Mamatha comes by sambandha-jnana. Whatever is simple,natural do it.
-Alone bhajan wont happen.
-If one doesn’t get ruci in unlimited Bhagavan-katha whether one is brahmana-janma & Brahma it is useless.
-Getting transcendental body of gopis is best as they all have reached rudha-dasa of prema.
-By sambandha-jnana mamatha & seva-vritti comes.
-Spiritual life means how to get sambandha-jnana.
-Do bhajan with sambandha-jnana.
-Give respect to vaishnavas but be one-pointed with the guru.


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