-Vritrasura-Citraketu Maharaja katha
-Give up para-carca and para-ninda: speaking about the others, criticising them
-Why does Vritrasura not want to have the same attachment to God as baby birds and calves have to their mother
-Devi Parvati asks Lord Shiva who should be worshipped
-Citraketu Maharaja makes offence to the lotus feet of Lord Shiva
-If there is no Govardhana, Tulasi and Ganga any more you should understand that the dark heavy Kali-yuga started
-The glories of the Ganges: the story of the miserly person who pressed the coin in his palm and of Danachan
-Nrisimha-Prahlada katha
-In Kali-yuga women do more bhakti than men
-Ambarisha Maharaja katha
-Nanda Baba celebrates Krishna’s birthday
-India’s original name is Ajanaba Varsha but then it became known as Bharata Varsha
-Shibi Maharaja, Harishchandra Maharaja katha are told in Bhagavatam




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