-Bhagavan mercifully manifests His form in the heart of the devotee.
-Bhagavan manifests His bhava saundarya,saurabhya,sausvarya,saukumārya,saurasya,audārya,kāruṇya in front of bhakta.
-Krsna manifests one bhava at a time & Mahaprabhu manifests 7 bhavas at a time.
-Sandhini-shakti makes the platform for Samvit-shakti & Hladini-shakti.
-For bhaktas of each rasa Bhagavan manifests His form as per the bhakta.
-Bhagavan gives darshan to the devotee & his throat gets choked & he cries.
-Srimati Radhika says when I see Krsna 2 enemies comes & trouble My darshan & they are ananda & madana.
-About Krsna as rasa-svarupa,akhila rasamrita-sindhu & Shringar-rasa being the source of all rasas.
-About asraya-vigraha & visaya-vigraha.
-4 Kinds of sakhis svapaksha,vipaksha,tatashta-paksha & suhrd-paksha.
-How does Chandravali sakhi & Srimati Radhika sakhi deal with one another when each of them tell about one’s sakhi’s greatness or glory.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika’s sakhi saying to Chandravali sakhi that Srimati Radhika is so absorbed in Krsna that She couldn’t move Her eyes when looking at the beauty of Krsna’s one limb.
-Story of Dronacharya asking Pandavas & Kauravas what they see while training them archery.
-Gopis prema is aprakta kama.
-Mahaprabhu’s tears make all wet & Srimati Radhika’s tears make a lake.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika getting tears when She remembers Krsna & says Her tears are coming due to smoke to Jatila & Kutila.
-Lila of Vrinda-devi making Krsna to chant Radha-nama so that He can meet with Her.
When He failed in meditation she asked Him to do parikrama of Radha-nama.
-Kirtan is simple but chanting mantras is difficult.
-Srila BhaktiVinoda thakur says he took darshan of Lord in mothers womb.
-Jiva is compared to rays of sun & comes from tatashta-shakti.
-Gita says if you go to the abode of Lord you will never come back.




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