-Jiva wanders in 84 lakh species of life.
-Enumeration of 84 lakh species of life as per Padma Purana.
-Bhagavan gave this human life & one got it by fortune.
-Human life is to obtain Krsna-prema.
-Mahaprabhu with Hare Krsna mahamantra gave prema to jivas.
-In kali-yuga chanting hari-nama is the only.
-Before leaving the body do Bhagavath-nama bhajan.
-Who is asura?
-Which house is called Goloka Vrindavan?
-Ajamila katha of saying namabhasa & being saved by Vishnudutas from Yamadutas.
-Take Lord’s name & all papa will go away.
-By bhakta-sanga all papa is destroyed.
-By taking Bhagavath-nama again & again prema will manifest.
-Mahaprabhu gave 2 instructions: do vaishnava-seva & nama-sankirtan.


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