-The meal ends with dessert. Sweet words are spoken at the end (about how Satyavrata Muni went from the sakhya-rasa to the madhurya-rasa)
-The meaning of the name Radha
-The word Radha is everywhere in Srimad-Bhagavatam. It manifests itself, does not depend on anything and is eternal
-Swimming competition of Radha and Krishna
-Prema-samputa pastime and other pastimes of Radha-Krishna in brief
-In Radha-Krishna-ganoddesha-dipika the names of the manjaris are mentioned
-The service of the manjaris
-The place and role of Chandravali
-Mahaprabhu gives instruction to Nitayananda Prabhu to go to Gauradesha to pacify gaura-janas in separation with Mahaprabhu
-Go home, preach and come back with 10 people each. We have blankets and sweets for everyone!


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