Part 1

-Lila of Devaki, Vasudeva sending Krsna to Ujjain so that He won’t move to Vrindavan for Nanda Baba & Yashoda-maiya.
-Krsna lifted Govardhan at 7 years & did rasa-lila at 8 years.
-What is rasa & what lilas are in it & about sambhoga-lila.
-Krsna relished the mellows from the heart of gopis.
-Gopis are experts in different kinds of art.
-One has to get trained from nitya-siddha gopis to enter into rasa dance.
-Manjaris offer water, showing their art in front of Divine Couple Radha Krsna.
-Bhaktas other than madhurya-rasa cannot enter rasa-dance.
-When jivas come in suddha state they aren’t contaminated.
-Greed means to have sadhu-sanga & hear hari-katha.
-Srila Visvanatha Chakravartipada said in Raga-vartmika-chandrika that greed comes from greed.
-Raganuga-bhakti is lobha-mayi-bhakti.
-Vaidhi-bhakti is just following rules & regulations of sastra.
-Lobha should be always listening to high class hari-katha.
-Srimati Radhika fulfils all desires of Krsna.
-Kripa is coming everywhere but according to one’s container one will accept.
-Container will come by listening to hari-katha again & again.
-Mahaprabhu is magnanimous & is saying He will give the container.
-Guru, vaishnava are very generous. They want to give you as per your qualification.
-If you serve, guru-kripa will come automatically.

Part 2


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