-Krsna said to Vrajavasis that He will return back from Mathura after killing Kamsa.
-Vrajavasis(Yashoda Maiyya,Nanda Maharaj,gopis) feeling pangs of separation.
-Nanda Maharaj’s explanation to Uddhava that he isn’t the real father of Krsna just like Dasarath Maharaj is for Lord Rama.
-Prema cannot tolerate the separation of beloved.
-Whose love is higher Nanda Maharaj or Dasarath Maharaj?
-Satyavrata-muni in vatsalya-bhava is praying to Lord to always give Him darshan of His childhood form.
-One has to chant Lord’s sweet names to attain perfection.
-When Krsna disappeared from kunja Srimati Radhika invokes Krsna as Deva,dayithya sometimes in vamya-bhava & dakshina-bhava.
-Meaning of Deva in relation to Krsna being beautiful & attracts all young girls.
-Dayithya: Krsna is near & dear to all.
-Krsna’s beauty & His flute sound intoxicates everyone.
-Krsna is transcendental Kamdev.
-Krsna’s eyebrows are the bow of Kamadev & Krsna’s glance is the arrow of Kamdev.
-Krsna is always playing with Radhika & gopis & so called as Ramana.
-Vishnu means one who goes to Srimati Radhika & other gopis in rasa-dance.
-Gopis are completely intoxicated with great fortune thinking Krsna is with me.
-Krsna pacified the mana of Srimati Radhika & Krsna took Srimati Radhika & disappeared.
-Manjaris are absorbed to serve Srimati Radhika.


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