-The different devotees see Krishna according the their mood
-The meaning of the word Narayana
-Question: What is the difference between chanting by sadhakas of different levels and nitya-siddhas?
-Pratibimba-nama-abhasa, chaya-nama-abhasa
-Misconceptions and offences of mayavadis
-Keep chanting and Nama Prabhu will give you everything
-To slap a Vaishnava is a heavy sin
-Putana did not kill the Vrajavasis’ babies, only asuras’ babies
-Question: What happens if someone commits an offence to a kanishtha-adhikari and he then rises to the level of an uttama-adhikari?
-The madhurya-meanings of the names from Bolo Hari Hari: Hari Mukunda Murari: Hari, Mukunda Murari, Rama, Krishna, Hayagriva
-The story of Ajamila demonstrates the glories of the holy names


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