-If we do not serve God, maya will catch us (the example of a black cat covered by the basket)
-Avaranatmika and prakshepatmika vritti of maya
-Maya is very powerful
-Story of a motorcyclist having no lights and no breaks
-Hardika, vacaka, aloka-dana
-Gaurakisora dasa Babaji Maharaja blesses Vinoda-bihari Brahmachari
-Never dishonour guru
-Purna, purnatara and purnatama dhamas; nayikas and nayakas
-Travel means trouble
-Significance of Dipavali
-Uddhava visits Vrindavana
-The gopis never accept that Krishna is Bhagavan
-The talk of Srimati Radharani and the bhramara
-The difference between a fly, a bee and a bumblebee
-Those who do not listen to hari-katha are like animals
-Uddhava is astounded by the gopis’ prema
-The beautiful form of Krishna
-Discussion of Krishna-karnamrita (1)
-The ingredients of rasa-madhurya
-Yavat-ashraya-vritti, sma-samvedya-dasha, anuraga
-In the transcendental love something can increase though there is no place to increase. That’s why Srimati Radhika’s love always increases
–Mukta-carita-lila of Krishna

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