-Why Krsna goes from one forest to another?
-Dhruva, Prahlada have uthkanta for Bhagavan’s darshana.
-Bhagavan’s bhava comes out based on bhakta
-Srimad-Bhagavatam is giving message that happiness is in bhagavat-katha & bhakta-sanga.
-Food should be taken before 6 hrs after cooked.
-Grantha-bhagavata can be understood when we serve bhakta-bhagavata.
-To the extent one serves bhagavata-katha sphurti will come.
-Bhakti means seva.
-Do prasada-seva, nama-seva, vaishnava-seva.
-Srila Parama-Gurudeva saying about Krsna in Fiji.
-Bhagavatam has to be heard from vaishnava.
-About the sloka tava-kathamritam tapta-jivanam.
-Bhagavatam becomes poison if taken from avaishanava.
-The more we hear about a person, the sooner sraddha will come.
-With sraddha jnana will come & senses will be controlled.
-From varnashrama-dharma up to prema highest point is discussed in Raya Ramananda samvada.
-Rasaraja-mahabhava svarupa darshana is shown to Raya Ramananda.
-Srila Parama-Gurudeva said preaching, parikrama & publications should never be stopped.


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