-Human life is for bhajan-sadhan.
-Nature of material world is distress & unhappiness.
-Your real identity is Krsna’s sevak which sadhu,guru remind you.
-Brahma-samhitha says how Goloka Vrindavan is transcendental & beautiful.
-About chintamani in Goloka & about nama-chintamani.
-We have to chant holy-names with firm faith.
-Lila of Lord Narayana taking a sadhu to Vaikunta quickly due to his firm faith that
Lord will take him aftet many lives equal to the no of leaves on trees.
-Only extreme fortunate living entities will take shelter of guru & get bhakti-latha bheej.
-None is happy in this world.
-Without sadhu-sanga you cann’t attain suddha-bhakti & attain Lord.
-Sadhu-sanga means listening hari-katha & how hari-katha purifies ones heart.
-About the sloka tava-kathamritam tapta-jivanam.
-Lila of Srila Sukhadev gosvami giving up Brahman meditation on hearing 2 slokas about beauty of Lord Krsna & mercy of Krsna on Putana given by Vyasadev to hunter.
-Only Vrajanandana Krsna has tribhanga Lalitha form.
-If you listen Krsna-katha your heart will be overjoyed.
-Gurus duty is how to give bhakti-latha bheej which is Krsna-seva vasana.
-Bhakti-devi willn’t manifest in your heart without sadhu-sanga.
-Never criticize any sadhu & about 10 offences.
-About Guru-Kripa Kevalam,Guru-pooja,guru-susrusvaha sloka,guru-seva
-Always think Nityananda Prabhu is our origin guru.


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