-The more we chant the holy names, the more radha-krsna-lilas will manifest in our hearts
-Harer nama sloka discussion
-In Kali-yuga bhakti-yoga is nama-sankirtana
-Mahaprabhu said, ‘If you love Me, chant maha-mantra.’
-The story of two Vaishnavas who greeted each other in a wheat field
-Uttama-mahabhagavata’s mood
-Siddha-pranali explained by Mahaprabhu is trinad api sunicena
-Siddha-pranali explained by Srila Rupa Gosvami is adau shraddha sadhu-sanga bhajana-kriya etc
-If you are not qualified, never meditate on your svarupa. Otherwise you will fall down
-Always think of 4 types of offences and avoid them, especially vaishnva-aparadha


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