-There is no difference between nama & vigraha.
-Lord has invested all His potencies in nama.
-5 main limbs of bhakti sadhu-sanga,Bhagavatam-sravan,Sri-Murti seva, Mathura-nivas,nama-sankirtan.
-First take shelter of guru & then diksha,siksha & vishrambhena guru-seva.
-To follow in the footsteps of sadhu means to imbibe the bhava of sadhu.
-Follow vidhi-marg & then slowly enter into raga-marg.
-Take Vrajavasis bhava especially gopis parakiya-bhava & within that Rupa-manjari’s bhava.
-Srila Raghunatha dasa gosvami’s desire to be Rupanugatya.
-Bhagavan with His inconceivable potency manifests prema in bhakta’s heart.
-Bhagavan comes from nitya Goloka Vrindavan dham to show anugraha to bhaktas.
-Bhagavan simultaneously punishes abhakta.
-When dehatabhiman is there fear will be there.Sadhu is fearless.
-Uddhava failed to pacify Vrajavasis viraha of Krsna.
-Uddhva’s , gopis & Krsna’s explanation of letter written by Krsna to gopis having content
“Hey gopis you are surrendered to Me & I’m always staying with you.”
-Gopis ask Krsna as to why did He leave them in rasa-dance & give them distress if He has Priti towards them.
-Krsna answers gopis saying He wants to check how much love they have.
-Krsna is saying the story of mangoes growing after few years by gardener to sadhana-siddha gopis


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