-Human life is very rare & the aim is to practise devotional service.
-Humans have discrimination which makes them know good & bad.
-Good friends vs bad friends.
-Guru, Vaishnava always helps one on how to attain abode of Lord.
-Story of a guru & a disciple catching a bear in river thinking it as blanket to signify how maya wont leave baddha-jiva who gets entangled in maya.
-Maya-devi punishes to rectify baddha-jivas & when jiva repents he will be qualified to go to Krishna.
-Surrender at lotus feet of guru & Krishna absolutely then you will be free from maya.
-Vedavyasaji saying to Rishis that Kali-yuga is best of all yugas.
-Kali-yuga’s one qualification is if you chant holy names you will attain abode of Lord.
-Prescribed methods of worship in all yugas.
-This Kali-yuga is special.
-Follow 4 regulative principles & do bhajana-sadhana & it makes mind neat & clean like temple.
-In what kinds of hearts Bhagavan makes His asana? How to purify the heart?
-Story of a guru & disciple to signify about perfect listening.
-Story of a boy in well & a rope dropped from above to pull him up to signify how guru, Krishna always try to help but jivas also should accept the help.
-How Prahlada Maharaja’s absolute surrender to Lord protected him from all dangers.
-Story of 2 friends one being atheistic getting lottery & theistic getting injury & sadhus explanation for their karma & how God granted them things.
-Nectar of instruction 1st sloka discussion.
-Never criticize anyone.

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