-What is the meaning of bhakti-yoga?
-All jivas have spontaneous nature to serve the Lord.
-How is the servital mood in conditional stage directed towards sense gratification.
-Servital mood is coming from knowledge of the relationship (sambandha-jnana).
-In the transcendental world all jivas serve Lord with sambandha-jnana.
-Baddha-jivas spontaneous nature to serve the Lord manifests with sadhu-sanga.
-Krishna & jivas are sat-cid-ananda but Krishna is infinite & jiva is minute.
-Extreme fortunate jivas get krishna-seva-vasana from bonafide sadhu & guru.
-Material world is perverted reflection of transcendental world.
-Sadhu, guru helps you to realise your love & affection towards Lord.
-Lust in material world vs prema towards Krishna.
-Story of Brahma saying he isn’t happy & one who chants holy names is happy.
-Only God fulfills all your desires.
-anyabhilasita sunyam sloka discussion.
-When you hear sweet pastimes of Krishna automatically tendency comes to serve Lord.
-Story of a sadhu instructing birds who save themselves in calamity by chanting mantra given by sadhu.
-Chant holy-names with firm faith & give up all offences.
-Nama-sankirtana is sadhya & sadhana & highest in Kali-yuga

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