-Lalitha devi is older than Srimati Radhika by 27 days.
-Without the Mercy of Lalitha Devi we cann’t attain lotus feet of Srimati Radhika.
-Lalitha devi is prominent among 8 sakhis of Srimati Radhika.
-Lalitha devi’s Mercy towards those having desire to serve Srimati Radhika.
-Lila of Lalitha Kunda , Visakha kunda’s formation.
-Lila of how Krishna hints about the kunja for the meeting place with Srimati Radhika & Her sakhis.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika getting durjaya maan after Narada Rshi makes Krishna swing with Lalitha devi.
-When Srimati Radhika left Krishna stopped the rasa dance.
-Without Srimati Radhika Prema will never be complete.
-Srimati Radhika is topmost, unique & unparalleled.
-Krishna pacifying Srimati Radhika & swinging.

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