-Meaning of guru.
-Different types of anarthas & aparadhas.
-Top 3 Nama Aparadhas & reason for not getting taste in chanting.
-Lust , anger will come if you commit offenses at lotus feet of guru,vaishnava. Eg: Saubhari Rishi’s offence to Garuda.
-Always consider acharya is non different from Krishna.
-Guru is the embodiment of compassion & can tolerate anything.
-The foot dust of guru & his sevak cannot tolerate aparadha.Eg:Srila Jiva Goswami with Vallabhacharya.
-Baladeva prabhu & His weapons plough & club & how does He use them for baddha jivas welfare.
-Lila of Baladev prabhu killing Dvivida.
-Baladev prabhu’s amsa appeared in the womb of Devaki & transferred to Rohini devi’s womb to meet poorna Baladev.
-Krishna’s appearance from Devaki & His birth from Yashoda Mayya.
-3 names given by Gargacharya to Baladev prabhu & reasons for such names.
-Baladev prabhu as akhanda guru tattva , as paramatma(chaitya guru) & presiding deity of Sandhini shakti , gives cid bala to devotees.
-Guru Nishta/Guru bhakti is the backbone of spiritual life.Tightly hold the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu.
-Lila of Baladev prabhu killing Dhenukasura/Garbhadhasura.
-You aren’t this body but a servant of Krishna.
-Vairagya Katha to signify the futility of materialistic hankerings & imp of spiritual things.
-About people worshipping Seethala devi with her carrier donkey.

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