Part 1

-Baladeva Prabhu is non different from Krishna. He grants cit-bala, transcendental power

Part 2

-Baladeva Prabhu manifests from Krishna’s hand
-If you do not cry over rama-katha, you are made of stone
-Lakshmana is the perfect sevaka of Lord Ramacandra
-Rama’s exile in the forest
-Ramacandra chases behind the golden deer
-Sita-devi heavily chastises Lakshmana
-Sita-devi is kidnapped by Ravana
-Chhaya-Sita is Draupadi
-The story of a woman accused of infidelity by her husband, who came to Lord Ramachandra for help
-Sevananda, premananda and rasananda
-Baladeva Prabhu serves Krishna in 10 ways
-Guru knows everything

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